Sunday, June 29, 2008

Organizing Your Personal Library With Tags

In this post we'll let you know how to use tags to organize and find books on Bookhuddle.

What are tags and what are they used for?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of tagging, tags are keywords (or small phrases) that you can assign to books to informally categorize your books. Tags can also help you find books as any tag added to a book becomes a hyperlink that, when clicked, allows you to find all books that have been tagged with that tag.

Adding tags to a book is simple and easy, just click on the tag icon or the "Add tag" link on most pages displaying books and then enter a tag. The following image highlights them in orange.

You can add any number of tags to a book.

How are tags different from book categories?

Bookhuddle uses predefined categories organized in a hierarchy to organize the books and to help you browse for related books. For example, The Glass Castle is associated with the categories Biographies & Memoirs > Family & Childhood. You can find this book by browsing through Biographies & Memo, then through Family & Childhood. However, you can't modify these categories.

With tags, you can add additional information that will help you find this book later. If you own this book and read it last year, you can tag the book with the words: own, read, and 2007. If you click on the 2007 hyperlink, The Glass Castle will appear in the search results, along with other books tagged with 2007.

How are tags different from book lists?

Tags and book lists compliment each other to help you organize books. Book lists allow you to describe what the list is for, control who can see it, and order the books in the list. Tags give you a way to label a bunch of books without a specific order or purpose.

You can choose to use book lists or tags exclusively to organize your books, but combining the two gives you the most flexibility.

Tag Cloud

A tag cloud shows you a list of tags that have been associated to books. The more books that are associated with a tag, the larger in size it will appear. It offers you a quick way to find your books and to see which tags have been used most often.

You can see your personal tag cloud in the "My Dashboard" or on your profile page. So, if you tagged several books with oprah and you wanted to find out which books they were, you can click on the hyperlinked word oprah to find out.

Book pages also show a tag cloud of the most popular tags that the book has been tagged with. You can use this to see which books other Bookhuddle members have deemed similar to the book.

Tags And The Community

Anybody can tag books on Bookhuddle, so you can see how others are categorizing books and use those tags to find other books.

Tags are a great way to discover, organize, and share book information. Try it out!

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