Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Bookhuddle - Discover, Organize, and Share

We are proud to bring you Bookhuddle, the book-focused social community and book reference website created to help you discover, organize, and share book information with your friends.

We are passionate about reading, learning, and sharing of ideas and want to foster these activities in the world.

If you:

  • are an avid reader or interested in reading and learning more

  • are looking for good books to read

  • have read great books and want to let others know about it

  • want to manage your personal library, keep track of the books you have read, keep track of the books you want to read, and more

  • are a book club organizer or are interested in participating in a book club

Then Bookhuddle is for you! Join now, it's free!

Bookhuddle enables you to:

Discover new books by...

  • Browsing or searching our database with millions of books

  • Finding out what your friends or other Bookhuddle members are reading, have read, wish to read, are recommending, and more

  • Finding detailed book information including reviews, discussions, and members and book clubs or groups on Bookhuddle that are reading the book

  • Finding out about the latest releases, top sellers, most reviewed, most recommended books and more.

Organize your personal library and your reader friends by...

  • Using lists and tags to organize your books

  • Displaying your thoughts and opinions on the books that matter to you

  • Inviting your friends, meeting new friends, and creating a network of book lovers

  • Forming a book club to discuss the books that interest you and managing your clubs reading list

Share by...

  • Publishing your opinion, thoughts, and knowledge with others

  • Recommending books to your friends and others

  • Posting additional useful references

  • Contributing to book club or site-wide discussions

  • Sharing your book lists

Join today, invite your friends, form a book club, organize your library, have fun, learn, spread your knowledge, change the world!

The Bookhuddle Team

Bookhuddle - Discover, Organize, and Share. Join Bookhuddle now, it's free!

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