Saturday, July 19, 2008

Book Clubs on Bookhuddle

Do you run, participate, or want to join a book club? Then check out Bookhuddle Groups.

As a Bookhuddle member, you can create any number of groups or join the open groups already on the site that appeal to you. If you create a group, you can invite others to join it and you can control the visibility of the group, restricting who can join the group or see your group pages.

Bookhuddle Groups allow you to organize with your friends, keep track of the books your group has read with group book lists, and share exchange opinions and ideas via the group discussion forums.

Check out Bookhuddle Groups, what are you waiting for?

Moving Books Between Book Lists

To improve the management of your personal library, we've added the ability to easily move books from one book list to another. In the detailed view of the book list, you will find the "Move to list..." option next to each book in the list. Click on it and select the book list you want to move the book to. It's as simple as that.