Thursday, September 4, 2008

Book Reviews - Yours, Your Friends', Everybody's

One of the many things you can do on Bookhuddle is to read and write book reviews.
On this post we want to highlight a quick way to access the latest book reviews, visiting the "Reviews" link on the menu bar to access the "Most Recent Reviews" page.

On this page you will see three tabs:
  • Most Recent Reviews - here you will find the latest book reviews on Bookhuddle
  • My Reviews - here you will find all your book reviews starting with your latest
  • My Friends' Reviews - here you will find your friends' latest book reviews

While reading any of the book reviews on the "Most Recent Reviews" page, you can see more reviews for the given book by simply clicking on the "View Other Reviews" link.  You will see a page containing two tabs, one for all Bookhuddle reviews and the other for Amazon reviews for the chosen book. 

So go on, find out what books people are reviewing, express your opinion by reviewing some of the books you've read!

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