Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Features - Inbox, RSS, Currently Reading

We've just updated the site with some bug fixes and new features. The new features include:

Message Inbox

When you login to Bookhuddle, the first thing that you will see on your dashboard page is a message inbox that tells you how many:

  • Public messages
  • Private messages
  • Friend invitations
  • Group invitations
  • Book recommendations

you have.

This should make it easier to keep track of new messages and recommendations.

"Currently Reading"

On your profile, there will now be a "Currently Reading" section. Here, you can log your progress in the book you're currently reading. Make sure you've added the book to the "Books I'm Reading" list (or tagged it with "reading"), then click the "Update" button in the "Currently Reading" section. You can then enter which page you're on and an optional comment about how the book is going.

RSS Feeds

We've added RSS feeds for Lists and Reviews throughout the site. You can now get the latest reviews and contents of any public list delivered to your RSS reader of choice. Just look for the RSS icon () on pages with Lists and Reviews.

Current locations with feeds:

  • Books in a list
  • Recent reviews (
  • Reviews written by a specific member (the member's privacy settings must allow anybody to view their reviews.)
  • Reviews of a specific book.

We hope you like the new features. Let us know what you think!